Reverend Jay Willick

Rev. Jay, the New Thought Guy, is an ordained minister who deeply values Ernest Holmes’ tenet to be “open at the top,” fueling his personal mission to inspire others to live in their greatness and reveal their birthright to love and prosper with, as, and through the Divine. Rev Jay has years of experience and education in the entertainment industry as a professional singer and actor, in events management, the self-improvement industry, writing and producing, and teaching metaphysics – filling his toolbox with much to share. Formerly, he was the Assistant Minister and Arts Minister at The Global Truth Center L.A. Very active at GTC, he was a Board of Trustees member, the former Administrator, one of the Lead Practitioners and Youth Mentors, and spoke at many Sunday and Wednesday services. He has also spoken at many New Thought Centers throughout Southern California and here and there in the Pacific Northwest, the Bay Area and the East Coast.

Through New Thought and Ancient Wisdom, combined with metaphysics and neuroscience advances, he believes the tools for a peaceful, loving expansion of our world are at hand.  Awakening to this, we intentionally step into the Light, wisely using our birthright to live a life of love, joy and prosperity with, as, and through the Divine. His Science of Mind heritage, education and consciousness equip him for living and inspiring others to embody that Divine mission; walking the talk. As a Religious Scientist, grounded in Principle, his exposure to the Truth through daily spiritual practice, continued study, speaking, teaching, and the ingrained guidance from such luminaries as Dr. Robert Bitzer, Dr. David Walker, Dr. Maureen Hoyt, and Dr. James Mellon, as well as other thought leaders, makes Rev.Jay steadfastly adept to serve the New Thought Spiritual Center with a dynamic, humor-filled, compassionate, and loving heart, mind, wit and wisdom. His moniker, The New Thought Guy, produces a blog, a Vimeo channel, podcast, YouTube Channel, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Ernest Holmes, Leadership, NTSC

Senior Minister / Spiritual Leader

President / Secretary

Leadership Council / Board of Trustees