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2023 Theme

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We will spend the year exploring what perceptions are, where we get our perspectives, and how to change the ones that no longer serve us.
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Affirmative Incantation

An Affirmative Incantation (A.I.) is a more powerful tool than an affirmation.

An incantation is something that makes the seemingly impossible, possible and that is what we want to do every day of every week with our A.I.’s. When we change our thinking, we change our perception of everything and change our beliefs and our story.

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Hello my beloveds:

Our Sunday Celebrations are live on Facebook and YouTube at 10 am Pacific Time on the newthoughtsc page/channel. We are blessed to have you in our inclusive community. Remember…

we are NOT victims, we ARE victors!

Blessings…Rev. Jay


LIVE at 10 am on our Facebook page and YouTube channel

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January:  coming soon

Who We Are

New Thought Spiritual Center is an inclusive community celebrating the Divinity in each and every one of us. Using the principles of New Thought, the Science of Mind, the Ancient Wisdom of both Eastern and Western philosophers and mystics, and what’s evolving in the studies of neuroscience, we teach Universal Truth. There is an energy, which is greater than any of us and which also resides in all of us, that is a non-judgmental, omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent force for Good. We get to use this Power to demonstrate a magnificent life for ourselves and the world around us. IT is called by many names, in many traditions – God, Source, Great Spirit, Divine Intelligence, and many more. It doesn’t matter what you call IT, what matters is you call on IT. The Universe is listening.


What We Believe

We at New Thought Spiritual Center believe that Divine Intelligence is within all of us. Each and every one of us are individualized expressions of this Intelligence, with the unique ability and birthright to demonstrate and expand our God-ness to the Universe. We also believe that there is a Law of Cause and Effect which manifests our desires into our experience. This Spiritual Law tells us that what we believe will flavor, color and mold the experiences we ultimately have. Through spiritual practices like affirmative prayer, meditation, and visioning, we can tap into our greatest good by changing our thoughts, feelings and beliefs into clear requirements for the Law to manifest. It’s not the “how” we concern ourselves with, it is the what …. what we are thinking, feeling and believing.

We never tell you what to think, we teach you how to think for the best life you can imagine.  Join us in inspiring our souls to reach the highest callings of Love, Light, Wisdom, Beauty, and Joy. A life we can call fabulous; a life of optimized, fun, love, happiness, vibrancy, health, prosperity, creativity, growth, and peace for us all.


Our Vision

To VIBRATE AT THE SPEED OF THE DIVINE with love always being the answer and optimizing our greatest self always being the way; by being a clear, luminous and dynamic force for good.


Our Mission

To use the principles and tools of the Science of Mind and Spirit, New Thought, Neuroscience and Ancient Wisdom to BUST THROUGH, SOAR AND ZOOM into our greatest life and sharing that gift for the common good.

This Week's Inspirational Message

Light 'Em Up! ~~As we celebrate the life of what is the great example,
And we rejoice in the miracle of the Living Light of God in the saving of a people,
And we jubilate in the revelry of the feasts of life,
And we honor and proclaim the fruits of a heritage in unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith
And we partake in the changing of the season and the sun's rebirth to rest, replenish, and re-juice our purpose, mission, and vision to hold dear the victory of light over dark;
We do so with joyous intent, loving-kindness, respect, and knowing who we are within this Oneness we call life.


We are grateful for your continued support of your spiritual center!

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